Born in Melbourne, Australia, I hope to one day write for a living. When I’m not writing I enjoy watching the footy (AFL), reading, spending time with family and friends and going to the cinemas. I love to travel and hope to see many more parts of the world. I recently visited the US, including Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and a Cruise to Mexico. I’ve also visited Thailand and fell in love with Koh Lanta. I’ve been to Fiji and parts of Europe, though I was too young to remember that trip! My ultimate goal in life is to spend it doing what makes me most happy, and as I am at my most content when I am writing, that is what I wish to pursue. I like writing both fiction and fact, depending on my mood and my inspiration at the time.

I’m only at the very early stages of what I hope will be an enjoyable and fulfilling career. As I love reading fiction I love writing it, but I also love AFL so thoroughly enjoy writing about that too. For now, I’m reading as much as I can and writing whenever the opportunity arises. Practice makes perfect, and experience is invaluable. My motto in life: “Don’t give up, you don’t know what’s around the corner”.

Above all, remember to enjoy each day and live in the moment, there are always ups and downs but life’s pretty sweet if you remember to stop and soak in the flavour! (Also, it’s perfectly okay to be corny on the odd occasion).

Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alana044
or Twitter! https://twitter.com/alanamichelle90

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