Justice System Disgrace

20 Jun

Today’s subject is something that I feel desperately needs addressing. In a country that is first world and considered as one of, if not the safest on the planet, there is one area that needs plenty of work. I speak of what is a complete joke to our society, that being our so called justice system. It’s time for something to be done about it, because too many innocent people are dying, and enough’s enough.

The justice system has become one big farce, with convicted rapists, assaulters and even murders let back on our streets. How many victims is it going to take before something is done? Because unfortunately, Jill Meagher isn’t the first and she won’t be the last. If anything can come out of what was a sad and unforgiving waste of young life, surely it can at least draw attention to the poor way in which these oxygen thieves are penalised. Now I know the death penalty doesn’t exist in Australia and it is highly controversial, but in my opinion, the fact that it is outlawed in Australia needs review.

I think of the poor families and friends who have lost their loved ones, not to mention the safety of the community in general who no longer feel safe after dark. Surely the government must ask the question, where would Jill be now if justice had correctly been served? You can’t tell me that with Bayley’s record, he had any right to even be on parole. Where would many of these victims be, had their abusers/killers been properly put away. What ever happened to life in prison? It seems to be a term that is no longer fulfilled. I can only plead to the government to stand up and do something because until they do, I can’t help but hold them responsible for the innocent lives who are affected, mentally scarred and above all stolen.

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