Alana’s Tip of the Week: Don’t be Swayed by the Opinion of Others

26 Jun

How many times do you do something, or not do something, because of how someone else might react? It’s time to look beyond your peer’s expectations or beliefs, and do what you want. 

I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of sheep around today, plus a lot of naysayers and pessimists. Don’t let them drag you down! If you take a good hard look, most of the time the naysayers are the ones who haven’t done anything in their lives and are jealous of your optimism, of your success, of your dreams! Stick it to them I say, really give them something to be jealous of and chase that dream! Don’t let anyone tell you “that’s too hard”, “You’ll never get there”, “What are the chances of that happening?”. If we all thought like this, no one would get anywhere in life. So don’t be one of these people and don’t let these people ruin your aspirations. Dream big! You have nothing to lose. 

And back to those sheep. Feel free to lash out, do something different, be yourself! Don’t go and get that tattoo because your best friend did. Why follow? Where’s the fun in that? Be original, be creative. Go down a different path. You might think it’s ‘uncool’ to stray away from the crowd, to not take drugs or drink when all your mates do, but the reality is, this separates you from the pack, in a great way! Because being yourself and being an individual is so rewarding! Trust me, it feels great to step away and abide by what you believe in. Drugs and drinking are just examples, because everyone is different, but its so important to do what you want and not just follow everyone else. That’s just the easy option anyway, because anyone can be a follower.

So live a little, dare to be different, and dare to dream big! And always remember, never let the negatives opinions get you down. 

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