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Live By Qutoes – Be inspired by the inspiring

9 Jul

What’s life without a good quote? I love my quotes, and this one resonates with me quite well. 

‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’. –Benjamin Franklin 

I hope to do plenty of both in my lifetime. What’s life without a good story, especially if it’s yours to tell!? There’s big things happening all the time, if only you stop long enough to notice. It’s time to dispose of the setbacks and start noticing the things that matter. Here’s one big tip – you’re certainly not going to find any motivation by watching TV at 6 o’clock. But what if you could change the headlines? 

I’m all for appreciating the positives in life. For too many of us, we focus way too much attention on the negatives. Myself included, but that’s about to change. “I don’t have enough money, my thighs are too big, my colleague doesn’t like me” are all examples of the negative thought processes that enter our heads. How about being grateful for having a job, having functional legs and realising nobody likes your work colleague either. Still feeling down? If you really don’t like something, change it. Look for something a little bigger, maybe just a touch more inspiring. Quit eating the crap if it makes you feel big, do more exercise. Avoid your annoying colleague. Most things we complain about can be fixed. And all you’re doing by complaining is sending negative vibes, bringing yourself down and making yourself feel even more miserable than you should! The sooner we cut the negatives the sooner we can start living, and really identify the positives right in front of us. I recommend taking a look deep inside yourself, I bet you’ll be surprised. Ever heard the phrase “Everyone is good at something” and thought, “Pfft, yeah right, bullsh!t!” Well I’m a firm believer in this, and I’m going to prove it. Because being good at something doesn’t have to be so clear cut. It doesn’t have to mean that you’re a good athlete, that you’re ace at maths, or that you’re a wonderful drawer. Try looking a little deeper than that. Maybe you’re a really good listener, maybe you’re great at identifying those who need a hand, maybe you’re even better at identifying what someone needs help with, when they’re uncertain themselves. Or maybe you’re extremely calm under pressure, maybe you have a wild imagination, maybe you’re one of few who can see the positives in a difficult situation. While they might not seem like amazing abilities and you might think they’re unlikely to get you anywhere, think again. Because these traits are what make you, you and that makes you uniquely special. So dig deep, find that inner you and utilize what you’ve got.

 I know people who might not have what it takes academically, but they are some of the happiest people I know because they know how to enjoy life and see the good in things that others don’t see.

 So, with the negatives out the way and focusing on the ‘good stuff, be prepared to get out there and live life to the full! I have such a stronger outlook on life and a far greater appreciation for it, when I’m in a positive mind set. So follow the deep desires and dreams within you. I’ve only just walked out the door on my long journey, but I can see the light, and let me tell you it’s bright. If you’re not gifted in the writing sense, you better start doing something that’s worth writing about! Believe it and it can be yours.

Alana’s Tip of the Week: Make time for the things you enjoy

3 Jul

Caught up with work, worry, stress over money? Is this all getting you down? Are you feeling overwhelmed, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? 

It’s time to sit back, take a time out, and breathe. Think about what makes you happy. What releases that stress? What gives you a moment of peace? It might be reading a book, seeing a friend, watching your favourite sitcom. Whatever it is, you need to make sure you find the time to do it. Even if its just for 15 minutes. Go for a walk, if seeing friends is what eases that stress but they’re too busy for a catch up, call them! Skype them. Most people can find 15 minutes to spare in their day. 

It’s so important to make sure you are finding time to do what you love and what makes you happy. Because if you don’t find that time, you just might go crazy. 

So take a break, ease that stress and indulge in that moment of happiness. You will feel that much better for it!  

Alana’s Tip of the Week: Don’t be Swayed by the Opinion of Others

26 Jun

How many times do you do something, or not do something, because of how someone else might react? It’s time to look beyond your peer’s expectations or beliefs, and do what you want. 

I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of sheep around today, plus a lot of naysayers and pessimists. Don’t let them drag you down! If you take a good hard look, most of the time the naysayers are the ones who haven’t done anything in their lives and are jealous of your optimism, of your success, of your dreams! Stick it to them I say, really give them something to be jealous of and chase that dream! Don’t let anyone tell you “that’s too hard”, “You’ll never get there”, “What are the chances of that happening?”. If we all thought like this, no one would get anywhere in life. So don’t be one of these people and don’t let these people ruin your aspirations. Dream big! You have nothing to lose. 

And back to those sheep. Feel free to lash out, do something different, be yourself! Don’t go and get that tattoo because your best friend did. Why follow? Where’s the fun in that? Be original, be creative. Go down a different path. You might think it’s ‘uncool’ to stray away from the crowd, to not take drugs or drink when all your mates do, but the reality is, this separates you from the pack, in a great way! Because being yourself and being an individual is so rewarding! Trust me, it feels great to step away and abide by what you believe in. Drugs and drinking are just examples, because everyone is different, but its so important to do what you want and not just follow everyone else. That’s just the easy option anyway, because anyone can be a follower.

So live a little, dare to be different, and dare to dream big! And always remember, never let the negatives opinions get you down. 

A Little insight.. Alana’s dreamland

21 Jun

What’s a blog without a bit of background info on the writer? Well, here’s a little insight into what i like to call my ‘dreamland’.. a place that will hopefully one day become a place of reality.

I begin first with where my first passion grew, and the simple topic of ‘books’ seems like the right place to start. As a kid growing up, i loved to read. From Enid Blyton and the Famous Five to L.M Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables, i was always enthralled by a good adventure story. These authors inspired me to write from a young age, though if you’d asked me what i wanted to be when i grow up, i would have answered ‘Super Duck’ but that’s another story, so to speak. 

It was then of course J K Rowling who had me hooked from book 1 to 7 as i, like many other million die hard fans, followed Harry’s journey from Hogwarts to the Deathly Hallows. I have always loved ‘fantasy’ as a genre, mixed with good humour and of course adventure, so no other book would even come close in comparison. It would be my very own ultimate fantasy when the first book was produced and making its way onto the big screen, because if there’s one other thing i love, it’s a quality film. 

So right there, is 2 of 3 of my greatest loves, if we’re limiting my loves to 3 that is. Movies are really just the visual to the story though, but that’s what i enjoy. The interpretation, the feeling and emotion, and how well the producers have adapted the characters. My utmost dream in life would be to have a story published then made into a movie, but it’s baby steps at this stage. I write for fun, and my current goal is just to get the book finished! The end! That’s the goal. In the mean time there’s other goals here and there, one including my third great love coming into play. That third love would be sport, being AFL, of which i am a fanatic Saints supporter. Late last year I wrote a 7 page article on my favourite Saint and actually gave the article to his mum. This was an amazing accomplishment for me and one of my biggest highlights. So basically, if things go sour with fictional writing, i would love to write about something i am immensely passionate about, and that’s AFL and obviously the Saints. I hope to continue to gain experience writing and work in an environment that at the very minimum, entails some form of writing as part of my role.

So there you have it, Alana’s dreamland in a nutshell. I think a big key to not only being successful in life but being generally happy, is to make sure you do the things that make you happy. When you consider the amount of time consumed by work, what could be more satisfying than working in a field that you not only enjoy, but are deeply excited about?